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Zoom recorders and pedals, with innovative technology never seen before. No matter which instrument you play, the wide range of recording devices, multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines and samplers are available in a size perfect for taking anywhere.

The brand founded in 1983 and based in Tokyo, Japan, Zoom Corporation has been providing creators around the world with innovative and affordable audio equipment.

In the previous blog we presented Zoom pedals and pedalboards, now it is the turn for audio and video recorders, items that Zoom has been working on for a few years, offering products adapted for the professional, amateur and amateur fields.

FIELD RECORDERS: Thanks to the Zoom F-Series, professional field recording has never been more accessible. With the core features sound designers demand and some cutting-edge new technology only found in Zoom.

The F1+ recorder is the perfect solution for videographers who need to capture the nuances of every word with professional audio quality.

The F1 comes with Zoom's innovative LMF-1 lavalier microphone design, designed to capture every little nuance, it is possible to record high-resolution audio up to 24 bit/96 kHz, perfect for interviews, debates, etc.

With its minimal profile, the F1 attaches efficiently to belts, chest straps or can slide into a pocket to hide the recorder.

The LMF-1 Lavalier microphone connects directly to the F1 and records to a micro SD card. Recording directly to the F1 eliminates interference or noise normally experienced when using a belt-mounted wireless system.

This recorder also supports interchangeable Zoom capsules for more recording options.

HANDY RECORDERS: The H-series line of audio recorders are ideal for movies, music, broadcasting or live broadcasting, the Handy recorder is designed with the appropriate microphone capsules and recording capabilities to supply all the auditory information for your work.

Handy H6 Basic: it is the most versatile portable recorder so far , it has six interchangeable input capsules (like the image above), making the ZOOM H6 the best recorder of the moment for movies, video, podcasts and music. Its advanced preamps, quality and technology make it the one with the best sound.

Zoom H6

The H6 allows for studio recording up to six* separate line or mic level inputs and the ability to overdub or overdub.

Pre-recording on the H6 is the system based on recording automatically even if you have not given the order to the recorder, it is always listening, saving the two seconds* of audio captured just before you press RECORD.

The Auto-Record Auto-Record/Auto-Stop functions allow the H6 to automatically start and stop recording at predefined sound levels, if there is no sound, it stops, when it senses x levels of sounds it activates again .

The H6 records continuously for over 20 hours on just 4 AA batteries or extends recording time indefinitely with the optional AD-17 AC adapter, plus records up to six mono WAV files (or up to three stereo files).

Handy H3VR Zoom is the complete solution for spatial audio capture and processing for VR, AR and mixed reality content. With a built-in ambisonic microphone, recorder and decoder, the H3-VR puts 360 audio in the palm of your hand

The virtual reality audio presented by the H3-VR allows you to capture all the sounds of an environment from all angles thanks to the 4-capsule ambisonic microphone, its precision in 360-degree VR audio recordings of up to 24 bit/96 kHz is One of the technological advances that facilitates efficiency in this area of ​​recording without having to connect it to a computer, the built-in decoder allows you to export Ambisonics B format files directly.

Binaural stereo offers hyper-realistic spatial recording that enhances 2D productions with 3D audio.

The H3-VR software allows you to perform 360 Live Streaming, making live broadcasts of events at 360 degrees so that wherever your fans are, they have access to the best seats in the auditorium.

The H3-VR 's compact, conical design captures audio from multiple angles without getting between the camera or the action, and includes a 6-axis motion sensor, Auto Mic Position and Level Detection options make positioning the camera as easy as possible. H3-VR. Whether placed upright, upside down, endfire, or inverted endfire, the H3-VR automatically calibrates so audio and video are already aligned.

For Streaming it is perfect for live streaming, video conferencing, direct recording and more, the H3-VR's audio interface mode turns it into a 360 USB micro for your computer or stereo microphone for your iOS device.

Also available from the H series recorders:

H4nPRO Zoom ( see more )


H1N Zoom ( see more )

VIDEO RECORDERS In today's digital world, video plays an important role in helping musicians reach a broader fan base. But musicians can't depend on just any camera. They need one that records with incredible audio. Zoom's Q-series video recorders are designed for serious artists who demand nothing more than the clearest, richest sound for their music performances, rehearsals and live broadcasts.

Q8 Zomm HD Video and Audio Recorder The Q8 pairs high-definition video with high-resolution audio, making it the perfect camera for music and video creators around the world. Its 160-degree wide-angle lens and digital zoom ensure you'll always capture the full frame.

Its versatility allows its detachable X/Y microphone designed specifically for it, while being compatible with many Zoom mic capsules. If you already use an H5 or H6, you can also swap capsules with the Q8 except for the EXH-6 TRS/XLR combo capsule.

Q8 Zoom Recorder

It is a recorder that offers a full-color LCD touch screen for easy use, along with plenty of advanced features. A pair of XLR/TRS combo inputs allow connection of external microphones and line-level sources, and a built-in stereo speaker and stereo Headphone/Line output jack offer audio monitoring; It even has an HDMI output for video monitoring.

Q8 Zoom, Zoom recorder, Ortizo

Also available are the Q-series video recorders:

Q4N Zoom (see more)

Q2N Zoom (see more)

For more information about Zoom recorders, call 3297777 ext 105.

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