Payment methods in Ortizo

Payment methods

Payment Market.

  1. Credit card in up to 48 installments

You enter your credit card information when paying and that's it. The next time you want to use that card, we will only ask you for the security code.

Immediate approval.

  • Accepted cards:
The bank will include the interest on the installments on your card statement.
  • Debit card

2. Online Payment Service (PSE)

  • PSE - From your online bank - Instant accreditation, without additional cost.
3. In cash

At the time of paying we will tell you how to do it at any Efecty point.

  • Efecty - It will be credited as soon as you pay. No additional cost.

If you make purchases through direct bank transfers to our accounts, keep in mind that they must be accounts in the name of ORTIZO SAS, after making the transfer it is confirmed from the treasury in 1 to 2 business hours.