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Zoom recorders and pedals, with innovative technology never seen before. No matter which instrument you play, the wide range of recording devices, multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines and samplers are available in a size perfect for taking anywhere.

The Zoom brand founded in 1983 and based in Tokyo, Japan, Zoom Corporation has been providing creators around the world with innovative, yet affordable audio equipment.

We present the Zoom pedals, they are multi-effects, the company has focused on every detail and is clear that excellent music requires precision, passion and a subtle nuance. So the collection of guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and multi-effects pedals offer you a variety of effects, compressors, emulations and more that allow you to enhance and reimagine every note.

G5N ZOOM EFFECTS PEDAL : The G5n offers a collection of guitar effects and color, designed to please the most demanding guitarist. It comes loaded with 100 brilliantly designed DSP effects, plus 26 of the most realistic and faithfully emulated amps/cabs we've ever created. The G5n comes equipped with fresh takes not only of the most essential guitar sounds such as overdrive, distortion, compression, EQ, delay, reverb, flanging, phasing, vibrato and chorusing, but also with unique ultimate effects such as Seq Filter, Gold Drive, Reverse Delay, HD Hall and OSC Echo. ( Learn more here )

You can also check out Zoom's G line: G3XN , G1FOURX , G1FOUR

B3N ZOOM EFFECTS PEDAL : The B3n allows you to create your own original sound, no matter what type of music you play. This bass pedal has endless amps, speakers and effects pedals that you can use both on stage and in the studio. Plus, its editing features are so simple that you can modify your sounds even when you're on the road. It comes pre-configured with 67 high-quality pedalboard DSP effects, including 19 dynamics and filter effects, 15 distortion and overdrive effects, 17 modulation, 11 delay and reverb effects and more. ( More information here )

You can also check out Zoom's B line: B1FOUR , B1X FOUR

AC-3 ZOOM PEDAL BOARD : The AC-3 Acoustic Creator (for acoustic guitar) is an upgraded direct box with essential DI functions that help you achieve great tone no matter where you're playing. It is equipped with an effects generator, stereo outputs and a compressor. With these features plus the same high-quality preamp and 3-band EQ as the AC-2 , the AC-3 is an all-in-one acoustic toolbox that's great for live performances as well as the studio.

The AC-3 puts DI features right at your fingertips. Its high-quality preamp enhances the signal and helps restore true acoustic sound. Plus, its 3-band EQ lets you quickly make the perfect adjustments to refine your tone. To add depth and color to your tone, the AC-3 also features the best effects we've ever designed for acoustic instruments. Choose from 9 different effects such as delay, chorus and reverb, each having adjustable parameters to give the final touch to your sound. (More info here)

You can also check out the Zoom AC-2 acoustic guitar pedal board:

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  • Me me interesa el AC-3 zoom y el AC 2

    David Corkidi on
  • me interesa
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  • Hola, es que me interesa la pedalera zoom g1 four, pero tengo un amplificador de 10w económico, ustedes que me recomiendan?

    Robinsón Contreras on
  • Quiero mas informacion de ese pedal, que precio tiene?

    Camilo Hernandez on

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