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If you are interested in purchasing an electric guitar soon and want to go into details of its operation, specifications, qualities and needs that meet your musical tastes, Ortizo explains it to you in detail in this quarantine so that you clear up any doubts.

We will give you precise information without so much technical detour that it avoids becoming a tedious blog, with the explanations we will tell you what the pickups are and how they work, we also want to tell you what type of pickups exist and their respective characteristics.

But this explanation will not be relevant if we do not tell you that Thanks to these small electrical devices, great musicians in history have achieved their own characteristic sound in their guitars, such as; Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, among many other musicians who managed to develop their sound so desired by more than one of us.

What is a pickup or a pill?

Basically a pickup or a pickup (as it is also known), is a coil formed and covered by a very fine copper wire, which is responsible for surrounding bars or walls that are known as magnetic poles, electric guitars usually have set of three pickups in its construction (not all clearly), we can also find guitars with two and a single pickup.

How do they work?

The pickups that an electric guitar has have an almost magical operating process, these small devices are responsible for receiving the vibrations of the strings when they are plucked and transforming them into electrical signals that will later generate the sound through an amplifier, this type of Sound varies depending on the type of pickup we are using and will be different from one type of pickup to another.

Pickup Types

There are several types of pickups or pills for electric guitars, each of them provides us with different sound characteristics that are mainly subject to our needs and tastes, possibly and depending on the music we are going to perform, some pickups will be of greater benefit to us than others.

We can classify these pickups into two classes: simple pickups or single coils and double pickups or Hambuckers.

Single coil pickup

This type of pickup consists of a simple winding and is known as single coil , simple pickups give us a bright sound that is normally used to play rock and its derivatives, these types of pickups may generate a little noise in the electrical signal, but it is a characteristic sound of this type of pickups.

Hambucker Pickup (Double Pickup)

The double pills or Hambucker pickups They have a double winding, hence their name, compared to the single coil , Hambuckers They do not present the signal noise that is annoying for some musicians. The characteristic sound of this type of pickup on the guitar is a robust, fat and opaque sound, a highly desired sound for playing certain genres such as Jazz.

Which Pill is right for me?

Taking into account the specifications that we have just shown you regarding each type of pickup, it really won't be very difficult to choose between the sound needs you have and the characteristics of how you want your guitar to sound. First of all you must take into account what type of music you would like to play, what genre, what songs and what musician you would like a similar sound to, this is where it all starts.

Ready! You are now prepared to choose the best pickups, the pickups that will make it easier for you to get the most out of your guitar from home.

Ortizo, a musical experience reminds you #YoMeQuedoEnCasa


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