Why should I choose an Alhambra guitar?

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Why should I choose an Alhambra guitar?

Alhambra Guitars is the world's leading brand for the design and construction of guitars since 1965, with a presence in more than 69 countries. Its years of experience guarantee the brand as the best classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars with artisanal construction on the market.

Quality of Alhambra guitars

Each instrument is unique due to its artisanal manufacture and the authenticity of its selected woods, each having its identification (serial number) that allows an exclusive after-sales service.

The brand manages lines of guitars according to your taste, in which we find:

Classic: with more than 50 models, the construction of the Spanish classical guitar is the basis of the brand. All instruments made by Guitarras Alhambra are built with a solid soundboard.

To differentiate the different finishes, four lines have been established: Study, Conservatory, Concert and the new Exotic Woods Custom Collection series.

  • Study: The Z-Nature models, 1 C, 2 C, 3C and Iberia Ziricote, mark the beginning of the range of our Spanish classical guitar models. These models stand out for their unquestionable professionalism in their preparation and an excellent quality-price ratio that will satisfy those who want to start their studies.

  • Concert: The excellent selection of solid woods and materials used, together with a completely handcrafted construction, make the concert models ideal instruments for the most advanced students and public performance. Comfort, powerful and beautiful sound together with a rich variety of nuances, are some of the privileged characteristics that can be found in these guitars.

  • Conservatory: the 4P, 5P, 6P, 7C Classic, 7P Classic and 7P A models are mid-range instruments that are very suitable for those who want to continue their studies. A good selection of material and special care in the treatment of each of its parts make these classical guitar models excellent "accomplices" for the advanced student who needs a good instrument with which to develop their technique and musicality.

  • Custom Collection: a completely customizable guitar in which you can choose different woods for the sides, back and top. In addition to two types of headstock and the finish of the instrument. A classic guitar with an unbeatable quality-price ratio, combined with the beauty of a fully customizable instrument.

Flamenco: Flamenco has been Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010, and the flamenco guitar is the instrument of art to interpret it. Alhambra guitars have carried out a meticulous innovation process to develop guitars that maintain the traditional sound and feel accompanied by the latest technologies, incorporating ergonomic designs that increase the comfort of the instrument.

Flamenco guitars are made with different types of wood and you can find both black and white flamenco guitars.

The flamenco catalog is made up of guitars with different levels of hardness, but all of them with great comfort and a pure flamenco sound. There are quality levels: Professional, Studio, Concert, Custom Collection and Conservatory.

Semi-acoustic : a line of guitars that presents special versions for versatile musicians. The semi-acoustic Alhambra models are wide-body, narrow and hybrid. This line has more than 20 models for every musician.

Respect for the environment

Due to Alhambra's philosophy and its corporate social responsibility, the Spanish company seeks to improve the sustainability and optimization of the entire process: selection of noble wood of origin, their treatment and recycling.

Noble woods: it is the wood used for the construction of Alhambra guitars, the material comes from forests and plantations managed with the highest environmental standards, guaranteeing environmentally sustainable exploitation of resources. So Alhambra promotes the conservation and sustainable use of the planet's virgin forests. Primary Forests, the last virgin forests on the planet. Procedures regulated by the CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Varnishes: Life Seal for instruments treated with water-based varnishes.




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  • Busco la guitarra alhambra w300 con cutaway y estuche…por favor me indican si la tienen, precio y tiempo de entraga

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    Автокресло on
  • Hola buena tarde. Tengo una guitarra Alhambra 3F y necesito mandarla a pintar dubtaoa superior. Qué me recomiendas.? Gracias

    Jesús Eduardo Rodríguez on
  • Tienen la 7P con tapa en abeto ( claro ) y cuál es el precio pagando con tarjeta de credito

    Ricardo Cock on
    VALOR ????

    EDGAR on
  • Hola. Quisiera saber si tienen el modelo flamenco 7fc. De ser así, quisiera conocer el precio de la misma.

    Gerardo on
  • me interesa saber el precio de la Z nature cutway media caja y si hacen envios para Argentina, gracia

    Diego on
  • Por favor una cotización de una guitarra electroclasica, me gusta la marca Alhambra… Pero las económicas por favor… recibo recomendaciones para analizar… Muchas gracias estoy en Bogotá

    Duverney Suárez on
  • Por favor me pueden enviar información de las guitarras Alhambra 3C y 4P. Características, precio, disponibilidad, garantía, tiempo de entrega, forma de pago, envío a Palmira Valle

    Jesús Eduardo Sanz on
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