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ES110 Piano, "Authentic performance. Reasonable price."

Kawai presents for its collection of portable pianos, the ES110 : an excellent presentation for the line of portable instruments, with a very attractive price it combines a high-level keyboard mechanism with the latest sound technologies.

The Japanese company with more than 90 years in the world of pianos, has developed a piano that with 88 weighted keys, responds in the same way as a grand piano, being the ideal choice for amateur pianos and people in the learning stage, But many experienced musicians also choose this model for studio or vacation days, thanks to its realistic touch as similar as an acoustic piano and its easy movement when carrying.

Let's also see aesthetically what it is like: it has a black finish, the compact ES110 , perfect for the living room or study and only weighs 12 kilos, making it extremely easy to transport to the home, school or other place you want.

Let's see three important features that give us a better approach to the ES110 :

  1. Authenticity of the grand piano
  2. concert quality
  3. Exciting specifications

1.Authenticity of the grand piano

Realistic touch, natural movement : The ES110's Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard mechanism has been developed to reproduce the characteristic touch of an acoustic grand piano. Its high technology and robust construction allow for a very smooth, natural up and down movement, a unique performance experience!

Acoustic piano key weight : Acoustic pianos have heavier hammers for the low tones and lighter ones for the treble. The RH Compact keyboard mechanism also uses different hammer weights, appropriately graded for any style.

2.Concert quality

Concert Notes : As mentioned above, the ES110 captures the amazing sound of the concert grand piano, with all 88 keys carefully recorded and analyzed with advanced Harmonic Imaging technology, offering an extraordinary level of expressiveness from the keys. softest pianissimos to the most prominent fortísimos.

Reverb, sounds and resonances : Additional reverb effects that simulate the acoustic environment of a recital hall or live stage can be seen reflected with specific adjustments to intonation, resonance and other acoustic characteristics. The result is a rich, vibrant tone from an instrument that offers stunning authenticity and realism.

3.Inspiring specifications

Built-in Lessons : (1) Allows students to learn to play the piano using the Burgmüller collection , or a series of timeless songs from Alfred's famous basic course books. (2) The left or right hand part of each study can be practiced separately, thanks to the metronome and adjustable tempo, improving cadence and rhythm.

Output connectors : provide a direct connection for mixers and PA equipment, with the possibility of leaving the built-in speakers ready for use as local monitors.

Bluetooth connection : in addition to the standard MIDI ports, the ES110 offers integrated Bluetooth MIDI, making it easy to connect the instrument to other devices. By connecting it to a tablet or cell phone, the piano's functionalities can be increased.

Optional stand and triple pedalboard : the ES110 can be transformed into an ultra-compact piano compatible anywhere with the two accessories and as you wish.

For more information about the ES11O digital piano, call 3297777 ext 108 or visit us at our piano room in Bogotá, Chapinero. Race 7 #56a-54.


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  • Qué precio tiene el ES 110 puesto aqui en cartagena,
    qué diferencia tiene con el Roland FP 90X

    Edwin Molina on
  • Buenas tardes, estoy interesado en cotizar este teclado, me gustaría saber su precio, muchas gracias.

    Felipe Ojeda on
  • Buenos dias , estoy interesada en este piano de referencia

    Kawai, Marcas, Pianos Digitales, Pianos y Teclados, Teclados
    PIANO DIGITAL KAWAI ES110, para envio en bogota norte, quieor saber si viene con la base.

  • Hola, buenos días

    Me gustaría saber el precio puesto en Cartagena de estas dos referencias, para tomar la decisión final.

    Roland FP30X
    KAWAI ES110

    Hansi Villacob M on
  • Buenas noches, me gustaría saber cual es el precio de este instrumento y si incluyen envío a otras partes de colombia a parte de Bogotá, gracias.

    Rut on
  • El Buenos días estoy averiguando por un piano para una niña que apenas va a iniciar en este Tema me gusta la marca kawai .hay el deseo que sea economico pero que también sea completo es decir que tenga conexiones ya con usb ve a Bluetooth para para que ya no lo interactuar con con otros sistemas de conexión inteligente gracias

    Blanca on
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    iqnmdpxefs on
  • Hola quiero saber si tienen el Kawai CN37 o CN39 el costo por favor.

    PAola OIcata on
  • Buenos días, quería saber la cotización tanto del piano como de una base y el tiempo de envío. Gracias

    Caren on
  • Perdón se me olvidó dar la referencia del piano .
    Kawai ES110

    CArlos ALberto ORdoñez R. on

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