The recorder, the essential instrument in music class

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The recorder is an essential part of the music classroom in general; for many, it is the first musical instrument they come into contact with.

It has been a popular instrument for beginners for centuries, for several reasons: on the one hand, it is very easy to learn, on the other, it helps you quickly master the basics of rhythm, intonation and interaction.

It's easy enough to understand the basics: completely cover the holes with your fingers, place the embouchure in your mouth, and blow slowly. Of course, there are more advanced techniques that professionals use to create larger sounds, but let's not go there now.

In the market there are endless flutes of colors, materials and tones, in this blog, our objective is to illustrate them and create an enriching musical experience with the different flutes that exist in the Hohner brand for all ages.

We can find flutes from basic models with low cost and maintenance, to authentic and reliable all-terrain flutes that meet all the requirements to be the ideal instrument in school classes.

Recorder for school

Types of Flutes

Melody Line Recorder

This flute is the most sought after in Colombia, and in the world it is the "best seller" for Hohner. This is a reliable plastic flute that is easy to clean and has an extremely incredible sound. The plastic used is ABS, an impact-resistant material suitable for contact with the mouth.

This flute includes a cleaning sponge, a case to protect it, this B9508 reference flute offers solid sounds and high precision, ideal for children and young people.


  • Design: German
  • Tonality: Soprano
  • Ivory color

Hohner recorder

Tone DO- Soprano
Tuning LA1= 442hz
Construction 1 piece
Material Plastic
Color Ivory
Accessories cleaning sponge
Packaging plastic case
German fingering model B9508
Baroque fingering model B9509

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Recorder Melody Line color edition

The most sought-after Hohner recorder in the world is now available in different colors, a total of 6 on-trend colors. This flute allows children to choose the ideal color that makes them feel best, creating a unique connection with the student and the music.

This flute comes in a transparent case to always have a view of the instrument.

Flute melody line colors

Melody Hohner recorder characteristics

Flute Music Line

This type of wooden flute has an advantage over the ones we talked about previously, it presents a better quality of sound and feel, providing better satisfaction when playing.

Unlike plastic flutes, wooden flutes react to vibrations with greater sensitivity.


Types of woods in flutes music line

The Hohner flutes in this range are available in maple and pear woods, both in natural or lacquered finishes.

  • Maple wood flutes

This type of wood is medium - heavy, medium - hard; Commonly used in student flutes due to its greater resistance to humidity, it offers a light and rich sound.

  • Pear wood flutes

Pear wood has a higher density than maple, is slightly heavier and has a warmer and richer sound.

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Alegra Line Flute

The Alegra range of flutes offers a combination between the plastic flute with the warm sound, and the softness of the wooden flute.

The head of this flute is made of plastic, it is the first of its kind with antibacterial properties thanks to an innovative component in the plastic granules.

This range of flutes has been optimized for young people, thanks to the adjustment of the hole distance and the narrower mouthpiece.

Hohner's joy flutes are available in different head colors, and are available in German or Baroque fingering with 1, 2 or 3 pieces.

Hohner Flute

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Materials of the heads on the flutes

Hohner Flutes with plastic heads or made entirely of that material have proven to be perfect for the school stage. They are recommended for students who need a very robust instrument that can be easily cleaned and can withstand rough treatment.

While the wooden ones offer greater variety in intonation and warm sounds but less in overtones.

Hohner Flutes Colombia


Hohner offers 1, 2 or 3-piece flutes, multi-piece flutes can be adjusted according to the player's hands, just turning the pieces slightly; They are generally easier to clean because they can be disassembled, however, Hohner includes a sponge to clean the one-piece ones, it is inserted into the small bottom hole of the flute for cleaning.

An advantage of plastic flutes is that they can be cleaned underwater without affecting their sound or the life of the instrument.


Fingering on Hohner flutes

Hohner offers two types of fingering on his flutes: German and Baroque.

The fingering can be identified by the size of the 5th hole, in German fingering the 5th hole is larger.

An advantage of the German fingering is that the C major diatonic scale is easy to play, simple songs can be learned very quickly using this fingering.

Hohner flute fingering

In baroque fingering half of the notes can be played more precisely, the fingering style is not determined by the double holes C/C sharp, and D/D sharp (soprano flute). This is a very common confusion, in fact, double holes can be possible in both styles of fingerings.

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