Know the types of accordion

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Learn about the types of accordion and which one is ideal for you

Accordion . Generally wind instrument, of German origin, rectangular in shape; with metal reeds set into vibration by air from a bellows, which the performer operates by pushing and pulling.

This musical instrument was invented in 1829 by a Viennese musician named Kiril Damian. The creator gave it that name (in German, Akkordeon ) because it is equipped with a system of keys that allow it to play chords, that is, several notes that sound at the same time in a harmonious way. The word accord, for its part, expresses the requirement that the sounds be in harmony or agree with each other, and derives from the Latin accordare 'to agree', although it came to Spanish through French, with the word accorder .

There are several types of accordion: chromatic, button, key chromatic and diatonic. The techniques for playing the chromatic button accordion and the key accordion are identical in the left hand, but for the right hand they vary greatly.


Chromatic piano accordion:

It is also called the key accordion. The accordionist's right hand operates a keyboard that is similar to that of a piano, organ, or electronic keyboard.

It can contain from 24 to 41 keys depending on its size. When the white keys are pressed the notes are played without alteration; Altered notes with sharps and flats are played with the black keys.

The good thing about the piano accordion is that it is very flexible and can be adapted to any style of music. In the United States, the piano accordion is popularly used in folk music, although it is now increasingly used in contemporary pop music as well. In Brazil, the accordion is even more popular than the guitar and is used in forms of pop music such as Forro and Sertanejo. It is also popularly used in Italian, German and Balkan music.

Chromatic or button accordion

A button accordion is a type of accordion in which the treble side or melody side of the board consists of buttons instead of piano keys. This is one of the two main types of accordions. Depending on the size of the instrument, the number of buttons may change .

The smallest ones can have 40 buttons and the largest ones can range between 65 and 70 buttons.

When the white buttons are pressed the notes are played without alteration. And when the black buttons are pressed, the altered notes are played with sharps or flats. The notes C and F are "chopped" for better placement by touch. It has buttons on both sides.

diatonic accordion

The main feature of this accordion is its bisonority, it produces two different notes or tones when a button is pressed, depending on the direction of the bellows. When the bellows are pulled out, they make a different note and when they are pushed in, they make a different sound.

On the right hand there are one to three rows of buttons. Each of them is tuned in a diatonic scale (there are no intermediate notes as in the chromatic scale); On the keyboard of the left hand (accompaniment) are the basses.


It is a member of the family of reed instruments. free.

It usually has buttons on both sides, and is distinguished from other accordions by the direction the keys take when pressed. There are several types of concertina, some of them are of the bisonor type, that is, the notes produce one sound when opening the bellows and another when closing it.

Concertinas have several different types of systems, including English, Anglo-Saxon, German, and duo concertinas. This instrument is very versatile and can be unisonoric like the chromatic accordion or bisonoric like the diatonic button accordions. Concertinas are very popular in Europe, especially Ireland, for playing traditional folk music.

What type of accordion is best for a beginner?

Normally, and it is something that we must keep in mind, accordions can have between 8 and 185 bass keys and between 22 and 45 treble keys. Although the accordion usually has 120 bass and 41 treble keys.

Now this is the first time you are entering the field of music, specifically playing the accordion. You will need a specific accordion to learn to play. Therefore, to know what type of accordion is best for a beginner. You must keep in mind that an accordion with 48 bass and 26 treble keys is recommended.

Aspects to take into account when choosing an accordion

Whenever we go to buy a musical instrument, we do so within economic possibilities. And, furthermore, the accordion must have the characteristics that we want. Whether it is the type of material with which we want it to be made, as well as whether it has the functionalities related to our needs. For these reasons, to choose the accordion, we must consider the following aspects:

Cost and Budget

The difference in price between one accordion and another lies in the quality of materials . Especially in the metal alloy used for the construction of the voices, which is the essence of the instrument. And this is directly related to your durability and performance.

Comfort and fit

Comfort is another important aspect, since this will determine a good execution of the instrument, which must be ergonomically well arranged. There are large accordions that usually cause postural problems and pain to the player, so it is essential that you know that it is not about buying the largest accordion on the market but rather the one that best fits you, your size and that is not so heavy.


On the other hand, we also recommend that you do a lot of research and study of the instrument , consult information sources on the Internet, as well as ask your music teacher, your favorite accordionist in the group of the moment, and the salesperson at the instrument store. As we are experts on the subject, we are sure that they will be very helpful.

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