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Differences between acoustic and electronic drums, which is better?

What are musical drums?

Acoustic and electronic drums are percussion instruments that today we can see in most musical genres around the world.

Acoustic drums

The origin of acoustics dates back two centuries, from the end of the 18th century, it began with the union of various percussion instruments such as drums and timpani that came from Africa and Asia, some time later the cymbals that came from Turkey and China were added. .

This union of instruments was gaining strength in genres such as Rock and Roll, being a great novelty for the time, and generating a whole wave of force in bars and the music industry.

The union of these sounds played by a single person today, in the beginning, acoustic drums were played by 2 to 4 people simultaneously.

electronic batteries

Electronic drums were born in the last century, due to the need for an instrument with better portability, to have control of the sound, nuances and intensity of the drums being played.

They are mainly used for testing in closed places, apartments, residential places. In execution they are used for modern genres such as electronic , although they work for any musical genre.

Battery composition

Acoustic drums

Currently they are composed of one or two bass drums , at least one snare drum and several toms, the measurements of the pieces can change according to the objective and taste of each drummer, as well as adding more toms or cowbells, cymbals , harpsichords, tambourines and a wide variety of accessories .

  • Bass drums: usually has n diameter from 16" to 2 6 ", the most used is 22" diameter x 18" deep.
  • Snare drums: they find the market with sde measures 1 0 " until 14".
  • Toms: The traditional set that comes with the drums are 12" - 13" - 16", between the floor tom and the two elevated toms. There are also 10" to 14" toms on fusion drums.

Accessories can be added to the acoustic drums for authentic effects and custom sounds, cymbal kits such as crash, ride, china, hit hat and splash can be added.

Although there are dozens of elements that make up a drum kit, those that are essential and should never be missing for a professional drummer are:

  • Saucers
  • snare drum
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Hi-hat machine
  • Drum
  • Thomas
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The drums in acoustic drums are made of wood, the type, quality and thickness of this influence the quality of the sound produced, some drums have their drums made of acrylic, fiberglass or metal.

electronic batteries

They are made up of a rack, 1 to 3 toms, 1 kick drum, 1 snare drum, 1 kick pedal and a hi-hat pedal, it also includes some digital cymbals: 1 crash, 1 ride and 1 hit hat, and a controller or display. control.

Electronic drums can vary in their components, some include more digital cymbals or may only have two, it varies according to the range of the drum set.

Some drums, such as the Medeli, can be expanded to 4 toms and 2 crashes, while the Roland can add another module, allowing you to add a whole group of drums and cymbals.

In addition, some electronic drum sets give us the option of adding other accessories such as a percussion pad, generating unique sounds. In some Medeli drum sets, a cymbal can be changed for a cowbell if the person so wishes.

Compared to acoustic ones, electronic ones have different effects and settings included in the module, allowing you to play with sounds and nuances, whether on cymbals, toms, kick drum or snare drum.

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Sounds and battery portability

electronic drums sounds

Electronic drums, one of their main characteristics is that they allow you to adjust their sound, whether it is connected to an amplifier or headphones.

The vast majority of drums in their control system have built-in songs or contemporary rhythms that allow you to play over them, these drums are very versatile, you can record directly to an interface, you can play as many hours as you want and you will never bother your neighbors or close people.

The sounds can be configured, either for the entire drum kit or for a specific element: kick drums, toms, cymbals, etc.

Electronic drums have the advantage of having built-in presets and having the option of being compatible with new drum software , thus improving their sound, being more real and closer to that of acoustic drums.

Some presets that we find on the market are:

  • Activate drums
  • Drumer bowl
  • Easy drummer

Roland, for example, has free presets available on its website for users who buy batteries from this brand. The ones available are for snare drums, cymbals, kick drums, toms and more.

Acoustic drums sounds

For acoustics, the sound is influenced by the type of elements that make it up, given that it is an instrument without technology in the connection or its sound amplitude.

The sound is given by the vibration of the head on the drums, which is why the type of head is so important when playing acoustic drums.

There are patches with one side and double side, others corrugated or smooth.

Each of the characteristics of the patches influences greater or lesser projection of the harmonics.

For example, for a studio a smooth patch is ideal, while for a stadium concert or a large stage, a corrugated patch is ideal.

Regarding woods, those that produce the best harmonics are the following:

  • Beirch
  • maple
  • Bubinga

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Electronic batteries portability

As its drums have a smaller volume, their portability is very easy and more comfortable than acoustic ones, the components are easy to transport, they take up less space and their weight is minimal.

Acoustic drums portability

Your drums such as bass drum, toms and snare drums, having a greater volume, their transportation can present challenges regarding space.

For both types of batteries there are special suitcases and boxes for transport, as well as for their accessories such as cymbals for acoustics and electronic modules.

acoustic drums and electronic drums

In our stores you will find a catalog of Ludwig and Tom Grasso acoustic drums, and Roland and Medeli professional and studio electronic drums. You choose the one that is ideal for you.


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