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Colombia Pianos/Harrodser Pianos/Grand Piano/Concert Piano.

The Harrodser piano brand with more than 100 years of tradition makes pianists in Colombia fall in love with it.

Not only in Colombia, around the world these pianos have earned the respect and praise of piano manufacturing experts and musicians around the world.

Harrodser pianos tend to have a softer sound, while the bass is rich without being discordant, their finish and wood demand respect as they are materials from Strunz , the most recognized brand in the world , these characteristics have been perfected since 1840 when the first Harrodser piano is created by hand by pianist Harold Bauer's father, Robert Bauer, more than a century perfecting the piano that transports listeners to another dimension.

Today, the Harrodser piano is assembled using the highest quality parts imported from Germany in partnership with the Chinese Lingjiang piano company. Having paid special attention to piano manufacturing technology and R&D, every detail in manufacturing allows it to develop the elegant and subtle sounds that characterize it.

Harrodser grand pianos and upright pianos are sold in the country.

Grand pianos such as the HG-158 produce a deep and charming sound that listeners are fascinated by. The solid spruce wood, which is the sound board, uses Strunz , the number one brand in Germany and in the world.

Upright pianos like the H5 , their quality of German timbre allows them to be the ideal instrument for wealthy families around the world who want to delight in the rich sounds produced by this type of piano.

The piano brand now distributes to all parts of the world, showing its smooth sounds in the most luxurious and important auditoriums and stages in the world.


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1 Comment

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