How to clean my piano?

  • by Envios Ortizo

Cleaning the piano, cleaning my keyboard, Ortizo...

At some point, we have all asked ourselves, what implements should I use? Where should I start? How do I avoid staining it? And many other questions that arise in the process of cleaning our piano.

Cleaning the upright, grand or digital piano can be a great technique to do, however it is so simple that you only need two basic elements.

Body cleansing

Cleaning the wood, the body, as it is finished with polyurethane makes it easier to present scratches or stains, to remove the stains or clean the dust that falls on the instrument, essentially two instruments are needed:

  • Polichador or high gloss polish: used to clean and shine the body of the piano.
  • Fiber cloth.

Step by Step

  1. Apply a small amount of high gloss directly to the cloth, never on the piano.
  2. Start cleaning in one direction, for example, from left to right, the entire process should be in the same direction. The idea is to try not to leave excess product because some polishers can stain. If there are stains, whether from fingerprints or another factor external to the piano, a little more effort should be made in the area, always in the same direction.
  3. After cleaning, with the part of the cloth that is still dry, it begins to shine in the same direction in which the process has been carried out.
  4. The corners and curved finishes of the piano are finished by shining

Cleaning the keys

Due to their strict use, the keys tend to get stained and receive dust particles. For proper cleaning, it is recommended to use two products:

  • Keyboard detailer: its function is to remove stains and shine the keys.
  • White cotton cloth.
  • (If keyboard detailer is not available at the time, you can create an infusion of toilet soap and water)

Step by Step

  1. Apply the liquid product to the cloth and start cleaning from the inside out, on the white and black keys.
  2. With the dry part of the cloth, it is passed over the keys again in order to give them shine.

It is important to clean the piano in short periods to avoid anomalies in the wood finishes and keep the keys and body in good condition.


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