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Know the types of accordion

by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 4 Comments

Learn about the types of accordion and which one is ideal for you Accordion . Generally wind instrument, of German origin, rectangular in shape; with metal reeds set...

The recorder, the essential instrument in music class

by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 2 Comments

The recorder is an essential part of the music classroom in general; for many, it is the first musical instrument they come into contact with. It has been...


by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 3 Comments

Learn what acoustic drums and electronic drums are and how they differ.

Melodic: ideal for musical initiation

by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 8 Comments

Why is the melodica the ideal instrument? The melodica, thanks to its characteristics, helps to understand the operation and structure of the keyboard, many consider it the little...


by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on

THE LEGACY OF ZILDJIAN CYMBALS FOR PERCUSSION. ZILDJIAN FAMILY OF CYMBALS With more than 300 years of history, Zildjian cymbals have accompanied the best drummers in major world...


by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 3 Comments

THE UKELELE, AN IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT A fashionable instrument that, due to its versatility, makes its players fall in love with it from the beginning. Here you will...


by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 6 Comments

What are the best guitar strings? What are guitar string gauges and tensions? This is one of the most important aspects that must be clear when purchasing a...


by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 5 Comments

Playing a musical instrument at an early age develops not only cerebral benefits but also greater academic performance and ease in learning and pronouncing a second language. At...

The Technological Legacy of Kurzweil Keyboards

by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 13 Comments

KURZWEIL KEYBOARDS OF THE M, SP AND PC FAMILY The new Kurzweil keyboard models arrive in Colombia stomping and with all their artillery ready to create music. In...

How to choose my first violin

by Ortizo Instrumentos musicales on - 13 Comments

Violin, my first violin To choose my first violin, it is important to know how it has been manufactured over time and its main actors who were the...