The terms and conditions relating to the different discounts that will be applied to products from March 2 to March 31 are hereby established.

  • Discount mechanics

  • 5% discount

    A discount corresponding to 5% will be made on the available stock on products only on display, except for HOHNER and YAMAHA brands .

    The consumer may purchase only one (1) product per reference with the 5% discount. If you purchase two (2) or more products of the same reference, the 5% discount will only apply to one (1) product, the other will have the normal list price .

    Ortizo SA will have a limited number of products to which the corresponding 5% discount will be applied. These products will be displayed in each of the sections in physical stores. The 5% discount will be valid until the last stock of each type of product is exhausted.

    The 5% discount will be maintained until the last product is sold out according to each category of the limited number of products or until the expiration of the date and time described in the next point of these terms and conditions.

    The 5% discount will be exclusive to final consumers. Ortizo SA reserves the right to cancel any transaction that fails to comply with any provision described in both these discount terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions found on the website: www.ortizo.com.co

    Ortizo SA reserves the right to reject and cancel any order that, due to its characteristics, Ortizo SA determines does not apply for the 5% discount described in this document. This rejection or cancellation of the order will be made without prior notice to the consumer.

    By purchasing a product it is understood that the consumer has accepted these terms and conditions.

    The data collected during the validity of the 5% discount will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy and personal data processing available on the website: www.ortizo.com.co 

    *The discounts on March 2, 2021 will be governed by the provisions of point number II of these terms and conditions. Which is called DISCOUNT 5%

  • Discount validity

  • The discount will be valid for purchases made from 10:00 am on March 2 (02), 2021 until 7:00 pm on March 31, 2021. It is clarified that if the designated stock runs out to be applicable for the 5% discount, at that moment the validity will be terminated. Therefore, the discount will be subject to product availability or the last hour and day indicated. The thing that happens first.

  • Discount coverage

  • The 5% discount applies solely and exclusively to purchases made through physical stores in Bogotá DC , products that already have a discount greater than 5% do not apply to said promotion.

  • Restrictions
  • The 5% discount does not apply to the purchase of a second product of the same reference per consumer.

    The 5% discount does not apply to products that already have a discount greater than 25%.

    The 5% discount does not apply to Hohner and Yamaha brands.

    The 5% discount does not apply to purchases in the online store www.ortizo.com.co , Mercado Libre, Falabella and Pepe Ganga.

    For payments, purchases made by PSE, Visa cards, MasterCard, Dinners Club International, Codensa and Cash payments are accepted.

    It does not apply to payments by Efecty and Via Baloto.

    Does not apply to cash on delivery payments.

  • Territory of all advertised discounts

  • The discounts detailed in these terms and conditions for the month of March 2021 on the stipulated dates will only be applied to purchases made in physical stores in Bogotá, Chapinero Main Headquarters, and North Headquarters.

    1. Contact in case of doubt with any of the advertised discounts

    If there is any doubt or query about any of the discounts announced on the dates determined in these terms and conditions, the consumer may send them to the email servicealcliente@ortizo.com.co

  • Applicable law

  • Consumers accept and acknowledge that the applicable law for any dispute that arises in relation to discounts will be that of Colombia. Therefore, they waive any type of claim in another jurisdiction.

  • Divulgation

  • These terms and conditions are available throughout the duration of the discount on the website: www.ortizo.com.co