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Call us at PBX: (1) 329 77 77 Ext 111 - 131

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We are located in the city of Bogotá, and we have 2 points of sale where you can live a great musical experience, visit us at:

  • Chapinero: Carrera 7 # 56a 54
  • North: Calle 175 # 43 17

Communicate with our advisors, through WhatsApp: Click on "Enter here", and communicate with our experts.

  • Pianos, Keyboards, Harmonicas and Melodicas Section:
  1. Advisor Alejandro: Enter here
  2. Advisor Santiago Mariño: Enter here
  • Violin and Wind Section:
    1. Advisor Victor: Enter here
    2. Advisor Lui: Enter here
  • Guitars, Basses, Ukuleles and accessories section:
  1. Rafael Advisor: Enter here
  2. Advisor Santiago Posada: Enter here
  • Accordions and Percussion Section:
  1. Advisor Daniel: Enter here
  2. Advisor Juan Manuel: Enter here

Are you a school or university or do you want personalized attention?

In Ortizo we have the best musical instruments, from the best brands. If you want to know more, write to us at or write to us on WhatsApp 310 334 7855 so we can provide you with support.

Do you present something new or have problems with your instrument?

Contact our Customer Service area where we handle warranties and claims. Write to us on WhatsApp by entering here and we will provide you with support

  • PBX: 329 77 77 Ext 134

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