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When you play the violin, you are musically caressing more than 300 years of history.

The violin is an instrument that has more than 300 years in the history of music. The first violins date back to the 16th century between the cities of Brescia and Cremona, Italy. Made of very fine wood, cat gut strings and the bristles of the bow with the hairs of the horse's tail. Nowadays both the strings and the bow are no longer made of these materials (they are now more synthetic) but even so this instrument continues to captivate many people today. It is in its purely melodic nature, in its melodies and its great versatility where its richness and appeal is found.

In this blog we are going to break down a little about the violin and why it is an instrument that, despite the years, is still valid and enchants everyone who listens to it. We will learn a little about their measurements and which one is the right one to choose according to age.

Main features

The violin is a bowed string instrument played with a bow. It has four tensioned strings whose tuning is E, A, D, G (from the thinnest string to the thickest). This instrument is very dynamic, it has great flexibility and versatility in its tonal range.

It is held with the left shoulder, leaving the left hand free to access the strings while the right hand holds the bow.

The violin is built with different types of wood (pine, maple, ebony, rosewood, maple, etc.), assembled and glued together. It is the smallest instrument with the highest pitch within its family, which includes the viola, cello and double bass.


There are different measures that vary according to the age of the child. To get an approximate measurement, extend the child's arm moderately (parallel to the floor) where the hand should grasp the conch shell or the end of the violin. If he can do it without any difficulty, it is the perfect medium for him. Below, we present a table of measurements to guide us according to the age of the child:

Violin Size Measurement (Cm) Average Age

1/16 35-38 cm 3-5 years

1/8 39-42 cm 5-6 years

1/4 43-46 cm 6-7 years

1/2 52-56 cm 7-8 years

3/4 57-60 cm 9-11 years

4/4 - 60 cm 12 and up

It is important to take this table into account, but many times the measurement also has to do with the child's height, comfort and, most importantly, inform you, you should consult with a teacher so that the child acquires the instrument that is tailored to him and not one bigger or smaller.

The mistake is often made of buying one so that it lasts longer and when he is 12 years old, buying the 4/4, this should not be the case since the child, if he is just starting out, would have poor posture and technique on the instrument at the time. not having one of your size.

Studio or professional violin

At Ortizo we have Verona brand study violins of all sizes, it is the right instrument if you are going to start studying the violin. The quality standard is good with respect to the price which is very affordable.

If you want a semi-professional violin, at Ortizo we also have Verona brand violins with better woods and finishes.

Finally, at Ortizo we have Gliga brand violins, these are instruments made in Romania. We have semi-professional ranges such as the Genial Violins, professional ranges such as the Gems II.

Take advantage of your time

In these difficult times it is important that you occupy your mind and the violin is an excellent option; Remember that with discipline, patience and perseverance you will achieve your goals. Ortizo brings you closer to a better musical experience with this instrument

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