It's been a long time since Matthias Hohner founded his company in Trossingen, Germany, in 1857. HOHNER became the market leader in harmonicas and accordions with a worldwide network of artists through a constant dedication to quality. The instruments have become a vital part of folk music traditions around the world, and have played a significant role in the culture of each country, as it is in Colombia.

Decades ago, since the arrival of the accordion along the Magdalena River, on the Colombian coast, the Hohner accordion began to be part of Colombian culture, more specific to the Vallenato culture. The German Hohner accordion is one of the symbols that represent Vallenato.

For Hohner, Ortizo is the largest distributor of the German brand in Colombia. Thanks to the time he has been an official representative, Ortizo and Hohner have managed to be sponsors of the largest Vallenata music events, such as the International Festival of La Leyenda Vallenata, held in Valledupar Colombia, EVAFE festival, and Francisco el Hombre in Riohacha - Colombia.

Ortizo together with Hohner are the sponsors of the different events, recognizing the winners with Corona III and Rey Vallenato accordions, this being a differentiating factor and gratitude for continuing to carry the legacy of Vallenato music declared National Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the UNESCO.

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