Kurzweil, a digital keyboard and piano brand, was founded in Boston by the American visionary and inventor Raymond Kurzweil (current Director of Engineering at Google). Ray Kurzweil was a developer of reading machines for the blind, and his company used many of the technologies originally designed for reading machines, and adapted them for musical purposes.

They released their first instrument, the K250 synthesizer/sampler in 1984: This instrument was inspired by a bet between Ray Kurzweil and musician Stevie Wonder over whether a synthesizer could sound like a real piano. Although limited by the standards of the time and quite expensive, it was considered the first truly successful attempt to emulate the complex sound of a grand piano.

However, the electronics used to win the bet generated other interesting discoveries such as the MIDI language (which allowed one or more sequencers to be connected and chained) as well as the principles of what would become the ROM technology of computers in the 90s. Since its inception Founding the company has been a benchmark in the world of digital pianos and has generated important technological advances, led by the visionary Ray Kurzweil, Bruce Cichowlas (software developer), and Stevie Wonder himself.

For ( ) year now, the Ortizo SAS music store has brought Kurzweil and its entire catalog to Colombia, from there it has become the official Colombian store for the North American brand, being the official Colombian music store for the Kurzweil brand.

From time to time, Ortizo together with Kurzweil bring keyboards and synthesizers to the country with the most advanced musical technologies in the world. Thanks to its innovations and sales prices, Kurzweil products are widely welcomed by Colombian musicians and fans.